Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hooded Sweater

The beginning of this sweater was quite ambitious as I had not knitted any hooded sweaters before and didn't have any notes on how to proceed for the hood. But I did it anyway as I wanted one for Adya before valentine's.

I picked pineapple yellow in synthetic low-maintenance yarn using 10.0US needles.

In this one, I used all the basics carefully. Casted on using cable method using needles one size smaller, measured the gauge of the 4x4 piece. The ribbing was done in simple knit and the body in stockinette.

It was made in classic two front pieces and one back cardigan style and arms were joined in raglan pattern (another first - raglan cardigan - yay!). With raglan the bonus is that front and back are joined at shoulders invisibly and the sweater can be worn for longer time as there is no issue with the shoulder fitting. Then I picked up the stitches for the hood.

Making hood
- Pick up all the stitches needed for the hood
- Mark the center
- Incr. one just before the marker
- Slip marker, incr. one right after the marker
- Rep until piece is 10.5cm
- Dec one just before marker
- Dec one right after the marker
- Bind off
- Fold in 1/2 and sew the seam

Button Band
I made the button band by picking up all the stitches horizontally and knitting in rib of k2p2.Bound off after 1/2" in ribbing. Used the two colored buttons in different shapes.

Here is the finished sweater!

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