Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Golden Dress

I loved this project for many reasons - new yarn, new needles, and new stitch-patterns. It was made in lion's brand 'Chunky USA' in Yukon gold color using clover US10.0 and US 11.0 bamboo needles.

Complete Sweater Pattern

Gauge info

12 st x 16 rows


The initial idea was to make a dress for Adya in some sort of lace pattern. So I designed a sweater on the paper that has center all ruffled-up at the waist. I considered mock cable, diamond-and-pearls, chevron and eyelet, and honeycomb patterns. The measurements are as follows:

Size to fit 2-3 year old girl.
Chest: 21"
Center back: 18"
Back waist: 8.5"
Cross-back (shoulder to shoulder): 9.25"
Sleeve length to underarm: 8.5"
Quantity of yarn used = 3 skeins

Keeping the scrunch of alternate stitch, I casted on 48 stitches using guerney method (a first). For ribbing simple 1k1p was used.



Row 1: k1 p1
Row 2: repeat row 1
Row 3: Repeat row 1
row 4: *k1 p1 4 times*, then MB, and rep *
Row 5, 6, 7 & 8 are same as 1.


Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Repeat these 2 rows for 6 rows, end in WS
Row 7: *P1, yo, p2tog*, Rep *
Repeat the pattern till the piece measures 10"
Stitches on the needle 48

Woven-cable pattern:
Multiple of 4
Row 1: (RS)*C4F, Rep *
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: K2, *C4B, Rep * till 2 rem, K2
Row 4: Purl
Repeat these 4 rows till end

Shaping Neck

Row 1: BO 10 central stitches and add another ball as the work divides into two parts
Row 2: BO 2 adjacent st
Row 3: rep row 2
Row 4: knit in the pattern even for the next rows until the front and back are of same length.


Knitted the same way as front


Row 1: CO 19 st in thumb style (to allow room for stretching and still staying in shape)and purl the entire row.
Row 2: (RS)rib in k1p1
Rib for 2cm

Introduce eyelet pattern as above.
Increase 2 every 2" until the stitches on the needle are 30 and the length is 10". Bind off.


Block the pieces to measurement. Very light blocking is desired.


Sew the back and front at one shoulder. Make a button band on the other shoulder. Pick-up the stitches along the neck and knit for 3 rows in rib. No need to make the button-holes due to the chunkiness of the yarn. Attach sleeves. Sew in 3 buttons. Weave in the loose ends.

The finished dress!

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